Mars operation. Details and workflow
Mars operation. Details and workflow
A short animated film called Operation Mars. This is our own non-profit project that we did on a turnkey basis to practice our animation skills, creating environments, and working with lighting.
We used just one set of motion-capture suit and gloves for the animation, so all the characters are animated by just one person one by one!
One of the most challenging scenes was the assembly scene of the moonshine machine. Multiple interactions with small objects and their deformations were animated manually.
Some elements of the spacesuits were physically simulated to make the animation look more realistic.
Some old stuff on lighting schemes for astronauts.
Director / Screenwriter / Animation / Cameraman / Environment & Level Design / Modeling & Sculpting / Lighting & Shading:
Anatoly Monter

Color correction & Postproduction:
Maxim Teryaev

Sound by:
Maxim Khrychev
Anatoly Monter

Used software:
Blender, Houdini, DaVinci Resolve 17, Adobe After Effects, Substance 3D Painter, Photoshop

And just screenshots of what the scenes looked like before rendering in the Blender project.