Zair — Animated Film
Zair — Animated Film
A teaser trailer for the full-length animated film "Zair", which our studio did on a turnkey basis from the script and scanning of the actors to the final rendering and sound design.
An additional fight scene that didn't appear in the trailer.
The facial animation was recorded with a dual camera helmet for 4D animation capture, then the raw scan sequences were processed in Wrap4D.
We scanned our actors' faces with a rig of dozens of synchronized cameras, and then refined the models and textures in Zbrush and Substance Painter to achieve maximum quality even in micro details.
Hair creation was done in Maya XGen, followed by simulation of hair physics in Houdini.
Clothes, wigwams and other fabrics were created and simulated in Marvelous Designer, then textured in Substance Painter.
For this project we approached the lighting very thoroughly, tried many different lighting schemes and gained indispensable experience in this area. Here is some of the raw work remaining from the selection of lighting schemes.
A little bit of magic wigwams concepts.
And sometimes something went wrong...
And just screenshots of what the scenes looked like before rendering in the Blender project.
Director / Screenwriter / Cameraman / Animation / Environment & Level Design / Modeling & Sculpting / Lighting & Shading:
Anatoly Monter

Color Correction & Postproduction:
Maxim Teryaev

Facial Animation & Grooming:
MHB Studio

Creating & Simulating clothes:
Xenia Kigaeva

Sound by:
Maxim Khrychev
Anatoly Monter

Used software: Blender, Maya, Houdini, Marvelous Designer, Zbrush, Wrap4D, Substance 3D Painter, DaVinci Resolve 17, Adobe After Effects, Dehancer, Photoshop